Our club kit is supplied by Gear Club.

Orders are submitted by the club as the demand arises – the higher volumes that we purchase in each order means that prices are reduced. If you are interested in placing an order please email info@cramlingtoncc.org to register your interest, let us know what you are looking at buying and find out when the next order is likely to be submitted.

You can view full details of the kit on the Gear Club site, including details of all the cycling clothing, the size chart, and the price list. The actual price we will pay will depend on the quantities ordered, but it is hoped that each order would have enough items to qualify for at least the 10-34 pricing band. Please note that the online price list does not include VAT.

When the club is ready to place an order all members will be notified via email. You should then complete a CCC Club Kit Order Form spreadsheet and email it to info@cramlingtoncc.org.

When the order is finalised you will be informed via email of the final price together with details of how to make your payment.

The following images show our designs.

Short and long sleeve tops