The club was set up over 35 years ago in Jan 1981 by Robert Harrison and Steve Morris, two experienced cyclists from out of the area, together with local cyclist Trevor Sewell. They saw the need for a growing town like Cramlington to have its own cycling club.

They were soon joined by other experienced riders living in and around the area, notably Eddie and Audrey Duerdin. The start up was a success with a mixture of newcomers, some of whom had little or no group riding expertise, which led to an occasional hairy moment, but under the guidance of the more established riders some road-craft  and knowledge of riding etiquette was acquired and rides soon became more disciplined and effective.

The very first AGM took place on the 8th January 1982, and the minutes of the first AGM are available in PDF format.

There are also some details of early club activities and records up to 1987, which have been scanned and are available in PDF format.