The email address should be used for all general enquiries  It is monitored by a number of club members, so there should hopefully be a swift response.

If you have a query or comment about this website, or any of the clubs other social media then please email

Google Group

The club has a group email address that is You will be added to this group when you join the club. Any message sent to this email address will go to all club members.

As can be implied from the address it is implemented in Google Groups. Only members of the club can send emails to this address, and all emails and subsequent replies can be seen by everyone in the club.

All of the emails are also archived in the Google Group and are saved as discussions. You can access these discussions, post new ones and adjust your personal settings via the Google Groups web interface at


If you are a member of the club then you can join the Cramlington Cycling Club Facebook Group. This is a closed group, so you will need to search for this group on Facebook and then submit a request to join it.

The group is a useful source of information, and if you are happy for your query to be seen by everyone then it can be a quicker alternative to email.